Frequently Asked Questions

  • After you sign up you will receive two confirmation emails.
    • One will be directly from us, letting you know that you are all set.
    • The other email will come from PayPal confirming your payment for the tournament.
  • What now?
    • Just get ready to go for our 4pm start time.
    • If you are having any second guesses on if you are all signed up, go to our discord to the team check in page and our team will give you the thumbs up for further confirmation.
      • This is not mandatory, but we do encourage it so you know for sure your team is ready to go.
  • One member of each team must stream
    • Allowed platforms: Twitch, Youtube, & Facebook
  • Any player that is playing on PC must stream.

So glad you asked. We understand that some of you may just be getting home or you are naturally that person who is always late to everything. Because of this we have set our sign up forms to allow people to sign up until 4:30 PM EST. 

As of now, we will not be streaming the tournament. In the future we hope to have our twitch up with a live scoreboard throughout the tournament.

We do not require that you screenshot or clip your scores. However, it is never a bad idea to do so in case we feel there is a problem and need further proof. 

You are allowed to submit your scores until 7:45 PM EST. After that time, you will not be allowed to submit them on our site.

No, we currently do not require you to use a specific clan tag.

Ideally, we would like to have the winners announced around 12-2 AM EST, following the tournament. It is possible that it could take a full 24 hours for us to announce.

The leaderboard will be live as soon as we announce the winners on our social media and discord. 

Still have questions?
Check us out on Discord or Drop us a line!