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General terms and conditions
General terms and conditions Outfrag - dab Media LLC
Last modified: 05 October 2022
Article 1. Definitions
In these general terms and conditions, these definitions mean the following:
1.       Entrepreneur: the owner of Outfrag and operator of the website ‘Outfrag’;
2.       Player: any person who creates and confirms an account on the website ‘Outfrag‘;
3.       Distance contract: an agreement concluded between entrepreneur and player within the framework of an organized system for remote services without simultaneous personal presence of entrepreneur and player. 
4.       Challenger(s): player(s) who has/have challenged other player(s) to play a game via the website ‘Outfrag’;
5.       Hacks: the illegal/ unlawful use of technical support in a game;
6.       Hacker: the challenger who uses hacks during challenges with other players. 
Article 2. Identity of entrepreneur
·         Business address: 720 Seneca St Ste 107 # 279 Seattle, WA 98101 
·         Company name: dab Media LLC
·         Formation State: Delaware, USA
·         E-mail address: [email protected]
Article 3. Applicability
1.       These terms and conditions apply to any distance contract concluded between entrepreneur and player.
2.       A distance contract is created when a person creates an account on the website ‘Outfrag’. At that time, entrepreneur commits to offer the website ‘Outfrag’ effectively and efficiently for players, so that they can challenge each other to play games for money. Players commit to entrepreneur by accepting these general terms and conditions and accepting that Outfrag earns an x-percentage of the stake amount of all challenges.  
3.       Before the distance contract is concluded, these general terms and conditions are made available for the player. 
4.       The player can easily save the general terms and conditions for later viewing.
5.       Before a player can create and confirm his account, he reads and accepts these general terms and conditions.
6.       Participation of a player acknowledges the ability to play in wager-based competitions is allowed and legal in their jurisdiction. Outfrag is not responsible for ensuring compliance with local laws for participant. 
Article 4. The website
1.       Outfrag is a platform where players can challenge each other for the games Fortnite, Fifa and Rocket League, Counter Strike 2, among other games. 
2.       After two players have challenged each other and played a game, they must enter their game score in the appropriate format. When all challengers have entered the same score, the winner is automatically paid out into his account. 
3.       If the challengers enter game scores that do not match, then they both have to enter the completed game score again. 
4.       If the completed game scores do not match after three attempts, Outfrag automatically locks the stakes. The challengers are then requested to provide photographic/ digital evidence of the game score. When it is clear who the winner with which game score is, the winner is paid out into his account.
5.       Players are at all times responsible for their game scores. A player is able to prove a game score photographically if necessary.
Article 5. Percentages
1.       Outfrag withholds 10% of all stakes below $10 as platform fees.
2.      Outfrag withholds 5% of all stakes above $10 as platform fees.
3.       For example, when two players challenge each other to play a game and they both stake $9,-, Outfrag earns 10% on both stakes since both stakes are below $10,-. 
Article 6. Underaged players
1.       An underage player may only participate in the challenge options offered by Outfrag with the permission of his legal representatives. 
2.       When an underage player creates an account and confirms he has permission from his legal representatives, this permission is assumed to be granted. 
3.       When an underaged player challenges another player and confirms that he has permission from his legal representatives to challenge another player, this permission is assumed to be granted.
4.       It is the responsibility of each player to provide this information truthfully. 
5.       The stake amounts with which underage players may play are limited to a monthly maximum. The limitations are as shown right below. An underaged player cannot deposit money into his account if his account already has a balance that is equal to his maximum monthly stake amount or more than his maximum monthly stake amount. 
 | Age player: | Maximum monthly stake amount:
 | 12 to 14 | $20
 | 14 to 16 | $40
 | 16 to 18 | $80
Article 7. Payments
1.       A player obtains the right to cash out when his account is one (1) week old.
2.      Payments to the player are made on the same day that the player indicates that he wants to be paid out.
3.      A player is able to deposit money, to withdraw this money the player has to participate in a tournament or match.
4.      It is possible to withdraw the amount of the monthly Outfrag Challenge when the same amount has been wagered once.
Article 8. Old accounts
1.       When an account of a player has been inactive for more than five (5) years, it will be automatically deleted by entrepreneur.
2.       Before an account is deleted, a player will be notified three (3) weeks in advance that his account will be deleted if he remains inactive and he will be requested to withdraw his balance. This email is sent repeatedly every week, until the account has been inactive for five years and is deleted. If a player does not want his account to be removed, he can indicate this in his account.
3.       A balance that has not been withdrawn will be lost when the account is deleted.
Article 9. Intellectual property
1.       All intellectual property rights on the website, including the texts, layout, images, software, code and all other works that you access via the website, belong exclusively to entrepreneur. Entrepreneur grants you a temporary, personal and non-transferable right to use the website ‘Outfrag’ in accordance with these general terms and conditions.
2.       As en exception on this rule, you are allowed to create and share fan art related to Outfrag. 
Article 10. Fraud
1.       If a completed game score has been incorrectly entered several times and it appears that such incorrect scores are entered more often by the same account, the account can be banned for a limited period of time.
2.       When a photographic piece of evidence has been intentionally manipulated to show incorrect information and thereby influence a game score, the entrant of the photo will be permanently banned. In this situation, Outfrag fines the player who has intentionally manipulated his evidence for the amount equal to both the stakes of the player who has comitted fraud and the player he has challenged. The player that the frauding player has challenged will be refunded his stake amount to his account. 
3.       When a player is proven to use hacks during a challenge with another player, the hacker’s account will be permanently banned. In this situation, Outfrag fines the hacker for the amount equal to both the stakes of the player who has comitted fraud and the player he has challenged. The player that the hacker has challenged will be refunded his stake amount to his account. 
4.       When an underaged player has created an account for adult players, his account will be permanently changed to an account for underaged players. 
Article 11. Liability
1.       Entrepreneur is not liable for incorrectly entered game scores.
2.       Entrepreneur is not liable for an underaged player who challenges a player without the permission of his legal representatives. Entrepreneur has taken several measures to regulate such challenges.
3.       Entrepreneur is not liable for game results in which one of the players wins by using hacks.
4.       Entrepreneur is not liable for a paying out that is paid out later than on the same day.
5.       Entrepreneur is not liable for a loss of balance after an account has been deleted.  
Article 12. Percentage changes
1.       Entrepreneur can change the percentage Outfrag earns on stakes. Such changes will be transparantly reported to all players.
2.       A player whose account is less than one (1) week old may immediately withdraw the balance in his account after a changing of the percentages. 
Article 13. Complaints procedure
1.       You can send your complaint to the email address: [email protected]
2.       Your complaint will be answered within one (1) week.
Article 14. Changes in the terms and conditions
1.       Entrepreneur can change these general terms and conditions when new reasons give cause to do so.
2.      Players will be informed immediately when these general terms and conditions have been changed. The changed general terms and conditions must be read and accepted before players can use the services of entrepreneur again.